MY5 Not Working On Smart TV | Troubleshooting | Blank Screen

Can you imagine MY5 Not Working On Smart TV and that something went wrong with MY5 App and happened to show Black screen or have you come across a problem with watching my5 content? Be positive and with the solutions to the obstacles in view on your screen, let’s enter into the realm of troubleshooting which is structured to deal with these technical glitches. Breaking down the causes of dead or Black screens to troubleshooting playback problems, this tutorial has you well informed and in good Strategy to face and resolve the issues on your MY5 accordingly. Good luck for improving and fixing your viewing experience on your smart devices.

MY5 Not Working On Smart TV

  • Check Internet Connection: The internet connection should be checked for the basket-weave design smart TV. Secure that your network is ok, either WiFi or network cable.
  • Restart Smart TV like LG TV, Samsung, Panasonic TV: Here comes the next part, turn on and off the smart TV a few times > Just wait a minute for this next one. This will invite you to do some little tune-ups to offer a fresh look to your smartphone.
  • Update Firmware: Go to the TV’”s settings menu and see if there is any available update. Upgrading hence minimizes crashes and gives better performance.
  • Clear App Data: Go to the menu settings of your smart TV > Look for the My5 app, and if you find it, clear its data and cache so you can fix each error on the smart TV.
  • Reinstall MY5 App: If removing data doesn’t help then perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling the MY5 app if MY5 Not Working. You are twice as likely to update your website with the new version.
  • Contact MY5 Support: IF YOU STILL Have issues > please contact the MY5 support team for help.

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On the mobile app

  • Best option is Trying to delete and reinstall the My5 app.
  • After that you need to restart your Android and Apple device.

On the website

  • Delete the cache and cookies in your Pc browser.
  • Open the > website in private/incognito browsing mode (press the > Ctrl+Shift+N or open the > browser menu and select the > new private/incognito browser window)
  • Try to access the my5 website in an alternative browser like Firefox, chrome, edge, if you have one available

On Amazon Fire TV and Firestick devices

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